Thursday, April 27, 2017

Essential Vitamins for the Skin and their uses

Vitamins are an essential building block in not only our health, but our skin and hair. Charged with creating soft and supple skin, to fighting against sun damage, our skin has a lot on its plate. Often the food we eat can can aid our skin and hair to repair and renew itself, even before we apply our makeup or start our routine. That being said, how many of us actually know which vitamin comes from where? Or its uses for our overall well-being and/or our the skin?  Or even what food to eat to pile on vitamins for both? …continue reading

How do you fit in photography time?

Destination weddings are known to be action-packed weekends without much down time. So, when working with a professional wedding photographer, how do you arrange the schedule so that you’ll get enough time in with the wedding photographer? Here are some tips for getting all the photos you need while still enjoying the party. Pre-schedule sessions Even when you’re working with a wedding photojournalist, you’ll need to schedule out some blocks of time in advance so that you have time for your different photography sessions. Depending on the photographer you’re working with and the kind of coverage you’ve selected, you could …continue reading

How to make the most of the space in your flat

Anybody who lives in a flat knows how precious space can be. Especially if you’re sharing with a flatmate, every single centimetre of space of your flat needs to be used efficiently to make sure your home doesn’t resemble a pig sty. So if you’re struggling to see the floor for clothes, books and everything else you struggle to find a home for, here are a few top tips to make the most of the space in your flat. The bedroom is possibly the most important room of your flat. If you share with someone, it’s the room that you …continue reading

Finding the right sunglasses to suit your face

In Britain, it seems you can count how many days of sun we experience a year on one hand, so we can be forgiven for wanting to make the most of the hot weather. To combat UV rays as well as to complete an outfit, a pair of sunglasses is an essential summer accessory. There is always the temptation to purchase a pair of aviators, the classic style worn to great success by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, as well as Victoria Beckham and of course Magnum P.I. What we can often overlook, however, is whether we actually suit the …continue reading

How to give your bedroom the royal treatment

If any part of your home deserves the royal treatment, it has to be your bedroom. By taking inspiration from monarchs past and present, you can create a truly stunning space that epitomises style and luxury. There’s no place for understatement if you’re trying to replicate a royal boudoir. Some of the most interesting examples of these rooms come from the 17th and 18th centuries, when the state bedchamber served as the seat of power. In the Stuart and Hanoverian courts, these spaces became meeting points for monarchs and their ministers and courtiers – and at their heart was the …continue reading

Preparing for Summer

Summer is a time for happiness and excitement, and you can finally take off all those winter layers and step into your swimsuit. Laughs and games at the beach are usually on the cards, and everyone wants to look great for the summer. People might think that this is an unattainable goal, but that’s certainly not true. While you shouldn’t let how to look ruin your summer, here are some tips to help you prepare for the summer: Buy new outfits With each new season comes a new wardrobe – different styles and colours will come into play too. In …continue reading

Getting Ready for a First Date

Whether it’s your first date ever, or it’s just the first date that you’re going on with a certain person, there are things that you need to do in order to prepare properly. Getting ready for a first date often goes beyond putting some smart clothes on and adding a touch a make-up. For both males and females, the rules are exactly the same. Here are some of the things that you should do before a first date. Fresh breath is a must! This is really important when you go on a first date. Although your last partner might have …continue reading

Why Focusing on The Female Demographic Makes Sense For App Developers

For a long time, for better or for worse (mainly worse), technology, video games and computers were primarily marketed towards men. Men supposedly spent more on expensive technological products, they enjoyed sitting inside playing shoot ’em ups and generally were seen to have a better grasp on the tenets of computing. Now obviously we know that such views were inherently sexist, and indeed new research seems to have concluded that we were wrong all along; women are a far better demographic to market technology products and services to than men. Using data compiled by Apsalar, in which 500 million Android …continue reading

How to Create More Space in your Bedroom

If you are starting to feel like there just is not enough room for you and your belongings in your bedroom, you might want to consider rearranging the layout in order to create more space. You might have too much clutter that you just can’t seem to get rid of, or you might even just not have enough storage space. In either case, the point is to create more space in your bedroom, which may seem like a lot of work, but it is really quite easy to do. Here are some quick and easy tips on creating more space …continue reading

Natural Skin Care

Why do most vegetarians have such smooth, shiny, young-looking skin? Because meat contains toxins. These toxins are naturally released through your skin. When they are, they show up as wrinkles, acne, discoloration, and other skin conditions. In order to have great looking skin you need to switch to a diet of primarily organic fruits and vegetables. Your healthy diet should be done in conjunction with a lot of exercise to rid harmful toxins from your body. Sweating is your bodies fastest way to get rid of these toxins. Remember that your skin has pores so anything that you put onto …continue reading