Tuesday, June 19, 2018


How to make the most of the space in your flat

Anybody who lives in a flat knows how precious space can be. Especially if you’re sharing with a flatmate, every single centimetre of space of your flat needs to be used efficiently to make sure your home doesn’t resemble a pig sty. So if you’re struggling to see the floor for clothes, books and everything else you struggle to find a home for, here are a few top tips to make the most of the space in your flat. The bedroom is possibly the most important room of your flat. If you share with someone, it’s the room that you …continue reading

How to give your bedroom the royal treatment

If any part of your home deserves the royal treatment, it has to be your bedroom. By taking inspiration from monarchs past and present, you can create a truly stunning space that epitomises style and luxury. There’s no place for understatement if you’re trying to replicate a royal boudoir. Some of the most interesting examples of these rooms come from the 17th and 18th centuries, when the state bedchamber served as the seat of power. In the Stuart and Hanoverian courts, these spaces became meeting points for monarchs and their ministers and courtiers – and at their heart was the …continue reading

How to Create More Space in your Bedroom

If you are starting to feel like there just is not enough room for you and your belongings in your bedroom, you might want to consider rearranging the layout in order to create more space. You might have too much clutter that you just can’t seem to get rid of, or you might even just not have enough storage space. In either case, the point is to create more space in your bedroom, which may seem like a lot of work, but it is really quite easy to do. Here are some quick and easy tips on creating more space …continue reading

Factors to consider when choosing curtains

On the face of it, choosing curtains should be simple. After all, surely it’s just a case of spotting a pair you like, placing your order and hanging the things. However, as you’ll know if you’re in the process of trying to purchase these products, selecting suitable versions can be much easier said than done. There are so many designs to choose from, and an array of practical considerations to take into account too. Don’t panic though, help is at hand. This brief guide will talk you through the buying basics. Colours and patterns that look the part in your …continue reading

Organising a crowded home this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, this year might be your first to host Christmas, or perhaps your first chance to have an extended family staying over. As our families grow larger, the challenge of hosting a family Christmas can be quite the toil for some people – but there are ways you can still enjoy the holidays without steam coming out of your ears. If you’re tasked with being the host this year, follow these top tips to make sure your Christmas is as stress-free as possible. It’s all in the timing Cooking for all those extra people is …continue reading

Is Your Home Ready For Summer?

Spring has well and truly sprung, and house owners up and down the country are spring cleaning and carrying out odd jobs so their houses are ready for summer. So what tasks need to be completed before you can say that your home is fully prepared for the summer? Air your rugs and fabrics After keeping doors and windows tightly shut over the winter months, your house may have developed something of a musty smell. You probably won’t have even noticed. As soon as the weather improves and the temperature rises, you should open as many windows as possible to …continue reading

Things to consider when designing a kitchen using sustainable materials

The kitchen is often described as the most important room in the house and how we use it has changed dramatically over the years, gone are the days when it was just the place to cook the family meal, the kitchen is now a living space, where we work, relax, entertain and socialise. With this in mind its no surprise that bespoke kitchens are all the rage at the moment. When looking to improve your kitchen there are several things to think of such as style, price, suitability and whether it will add value to your property. Another key thing …continue reading

10 steps to budget for your kitchen renovation

The cost of home improvements can very quickly get away from you if you don’t budget for them carefully in advance, and renovating your kitchen will be no different. The good news is that, with a little bit of planning, not only might you be able to ensure that you do not go over the figure you have in your head, but you may also be able to reduce that sum significantly. Here are ten steps to follow if you want to make sure you can create your dream kitchen without the costs spiralling out of control. 1. Set your …continue reading

Enhancing Interior Spaces with Chandeliers

There are many ways to enhance an interior space, from buying a new piece of furniture to painting a wall to renovating an entire room. However, for people who are looking to create a beautiful and refined indoor area, there is nothing more effective than a chandelier. Chandeliers have long been associated with the ideals of wealth and luxury, and used by the royal and noble classes of Europe and beyond. They continue to hold an image of luxury and sophistication, and are used by people everywhere to add class and beauty to interior environments. The geometric and ordered form …continue reading

Mirrors in interior

Romans began to make first mirrors from glass about 20 centuries ago. At 13-14th centuries Nurnberg and Venice were leading producers of mirrors. Despite their beauty and practical use they always have been very expensive and became affordable only when silver coating of the back of the mirror was replaced by aluminum. Nowadays mirrors are widely used in interiors not only for the practical use, but also to decorate space and to enlarge it. Mirror effects Can a space be actually be enlarged with mirrors? Yes. But there are certain rules that must be followed to make a space cozy …continue reading