Tuesday, June 19, 2018


How do you fit in photography time?

Destination weddings are known to be action-packed weekends without much down time. So, when working with a professional wedding photographer, how do you arrange the schedule so that you’ll get enough time in with the wedding photographer? Here are some tips for getting all the photos you need while still enjoying the party. Pre-schedule sessions Even when you’re working with a wedding photojournalist, you’ll need to schedule out some blocks of time in advance so that you have time for your different photography sessions. Depending on the photographer you’re working with and the kind of coverage you’ve selected, you could …continue reading

Finding the right sunglasses to suit your face

In Britain, it seems you can count how many days of sun we experience a year on one hand, so we can be forgiven for wanting to make the most of the hot weather. To combat UV rays as well as to complete an outfit, a pair of sunglasses is an essential summer accessory. There is always the temptation to purchase a pair of aviators, the classic style worn to great success by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, as well as Victoria Beckham and of course Magnum P.I. What we can often overlook, however, is whether we actually suit the …continue reading

Preparing for Summer

Summer is a time for happiness and excitement, and you can finally take off all those winter layers and step into your swimsuit. Laughs and games at the beach are usually on the cards, and everyone wants to look great for the summer. People might think that this is an unattainable goal, but that’s certainly not true. While you shouldn’t let how to look ruin your summer, here are some tips to help you prepare for the summer: Buy new outfits With each new season comes a new wardrobe – different styles and colours will come into play too. In …continue reading

Mesmerize The Party Floor In Deep Sea Creature Fancy Dress

A deep aqua green theme sets a spectacular, yet mesmerizing theme for a fancy dress party. Women in aqua dress can melt the ice with her hot sex appeal. The dancing women in costume dresses, like mermaids, fish, seaweed, shark, starfish, and coral reef will be the catch of many sailors, pirates and sea lovers. Spellbound beauty of Mermaid A Mermaid dress is one of the most popular fancy dress costumes amongst the girls, as they are easily available and easily suits all ages. Mermaid fancy dresses looks spectacular, vivacious and beautiful. A woman looks divine in skin-hugging costumes that …continue reading

Your Hair Is Truly Your Best Accessory!

If there’s one thing that we don’t think about enough, it’s our hair. After all, it kinda just sits there on top of our heads, keeping our head warm and free from the damaging rays of the sun. Yet there’s more to hair than people give it credit for. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on your hair, and if you look at many style magazines, you’ll actually see that stylists spend a lot of time thinking about the way that the hair looks. So what does that mean for your own personal style? Well, it means that you might want …continue reading

Romance at the Office

Flirting at work is one thing. Diving into an office romance is another. Sure, you’d be able to see the object of your affection everyday and going to work might actually be fun for a change. But, should the relationship head south, your career could go with it. So, should you or shouldn’t you? While ultimately that’s a question only you can answer, read these stories to see what happened when some notorious couples mixed business with pleasure. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman These Hollywood superstars fell in love in 1990 while filming Days of Thunder, a movie perhaps less …continue reading

Create High End Fashion Looks In Minutes With These Tips

If you’re looking for something unique to wear, or a way to spice up your look, then a high end fashion piece is what you’ll want to find. When people first hear the term “high end fashion”, they think of size 0 french Vogue models prancing down the runway of a camera-flash filled room full of famous people. In actuality, the older the garment, the more high end fashion it is. You can quickly propel your look into high fashion by switching to a few vintage couture garments. Some amazing vintage pieces can be found at second hand stores, and …continue reading

A beautiful body

It’s all well buying into a series of designer outfits and stylish goods, such purchases won’t however buy you a new body. This in fact comes down to both time and effort and as such, many of choose to go to gym, cycle to work, eat correctly and buff our bodies to perfection with the aid of certain exfoliation treatments. There are many products on the market that boast to bash out those dimples and banish the unwanted cellulite effects. Such products exist in order to reveal skin that looks firmer, hotter, stronger, tighter and less dimply! It is important …continue reading

What to look for in a Wedding Photographer

Congratulations! …on deciding to get married and setting your date. With so many photographers to choose from and each being unique, it can be a mission finding the one for you! Recommendation and referral is one of the best forms of advertising for photographers, so how about asking friends and family? So, should your photography dominate your day? Your day is not all about photography but it is all about you, your wedding, family and friends. Oh and the fun things like cake!! Our style is to grab your more formal shots if required just before or after your ceremony …continue reading

Designer Sunglasses

Creating that high profile appeal is the reason why so many women nowadays have regular subscriptions to fashion magazines. It’s most women’s aspiration to be recognized as fashionable, and one of the many ways of doing this is by following the style trends of movie stars. All the fashion magazines tell you that women do not need to get every item that their favourite style celebrities have; buying the key accessories can certainly do the trick. And what do famous people always have on despite the changing seasons? Sunglasses. Favored designer brands with protective glasses are worn by a lot …continue reading