Create a Home Spa for Couples

Having date nights at home is a great way for couples to reconnect with one another when time or the budget doesn’t allow for a night out. Many married couples with children rely on spending date nights at home as a way to avoid the cost of babysitters while spending quality time together. A date night that recreates a trip to the spa can be a romantic idea for married couples to end the week, share Valentine’s Day or to celebrate an anniversary at home when an overnight trip to a spa isn’t possible.

To spend a romantic and relaxing date night at home, use a spa-inspired theme to turn the bathroom and bedroom into a private oasis. Choose spa products, music, lighting and finger foods that appeal to each person’s five senses for a welcome retreat from the busy world.

Creating Spa Treatments at Home

A spa treatment at home requires little preparation beyond a trip to the grocery store or super center if the items are not already available in the home. Supplies include candles, massage oil, salt scrub, soft music, towels, hors d’oeuvres or fresh fruit, chocolate and dessert wine.

When planning the night, focus on the five senses and use these as a guide. Each item should be specifically chosen to stimulate or relax the senses. Since the sense of touch will be the primary sense to be stimulated, the sense of sight should be soothed with soft lighting and an uncluttered bedroom. The sense of hearing should be soothed with soft music. The sense of taste can be stimulated by choosing finger foods that are sweet or savory.

Spa Products and the Five Senses

It is easy to overwhelm the sense of smell with scented products when recreating a spa night at home. Think ahead about similar scents that can carry over from the bathroom to the bedroom. For example, lavender is popular in spa products, candles and massage oils. When in doubt, choose one scented product (like a body wash) and go with unscented massage oil and other spa products. Unscented candles can provide soft, romantic lighting that soothes the sense of sight without further stimulating the sense of smell.

Make Couple’s Dates Special

It’s easy to make date night special with a spa date because there is minimal preparation, especially if all the supplies are already on hand. Set up for the spa date:

  • Wash and cut fruit in advance and refrigerate it with the wine.
  • Remove any comforters or bedding that is not washable in case the massage oil is spilled.
  • Place fresh sheets on the bed.
  • Clear space on a dresser or using a rolling cart for supplies and finger foods.
  • Remove distracting clutter from the bedroom.
  • Set out clean towels.
  • Prepare salt scrub if using a homemade one.

Handling these details earlier in the day will help the spa date to have better flow and make for a more relaxing date.

A Spa Night for Married Couples

Plan to start the spa night with a hot shower or bath. Use a salt scrub on one another to relax muscles and exfoliate. This will involve the sense of touch and complement the spa theme. Salt scrubs can be purchased or made at home with a mixture of Epsom salt and baby oil. Rinse the scrub and wrap in fluffy towels to keep the muscles warm. Each partner can provide a massage for the other. Serve hors d’oeuvres after the massages.

A spa date for married couples is a great way to involve the five senses while reconnecting with each other. Use spa products that complement one another to avoid overwhelming the sense of smell. Soft lighting and soft music will balance out the stimulation to the senses of touch and taste.