Interior Design

How to make the most of the space in your flat

Anybody who lives in a flat knows how precious space can be. Especially if you’re sharing with a flatmate, every single centimetre of space of your flat needs to be used efficiently to make sure your home doesn’t resemble a pig sty. So if you’re struggling to see the floor for clothes, books and everything else you struggle to find a home for, here are a few top tips to make the most of the space in your flat.

The bedroom is possibly the most important room of your flat. If you share with someone, it’s the room that you can just lock yourself into and forget about the stresses of life and work for a few hours. But if you’re room is too cluttered, you can start to feel claustrophobic and not want to spend much time in there at all. Try and cut down on the amount of furniture you have in your bedroom by being creative. If you have a TV, then see if it is possible to mount it onto a wall rather than having to put it on its own table. Make full use of your shelves and get some stylish storage boxes to allow you to store more on them whilst still keeping them organised and colourful. Shoe tidies are also a great way to store things other than your shoes, and you can hang them virtually anywhere in your room to make full use of the wall space.

Your living room needs to be a multi-functional space. It needs to be somewhere you can relax with a DVD and eat beans on toast by day but turn into a sociable party space by night. Lighting can really help set a mood so hang up some fairy lights to create a party atmosphere once it’s dark. You could even find a glass bowl, jar or vase and tangle some lights up in them to make your own original lamp. If the party continues on into the early hours you might need a double day bed for them to stay on. Bedstar have a wide range of these comfy day beds that with a few extra cushions you can customise into a really comfy sofa by day and turn into a place for guests to sleep by night. If you want to create a seating area in your bedroom then a day bed could be a great idea for other rooms in the house as well.

When it comes to the kitchen then space can once again be a real issue. If you’re counter feels cluttered then try and install rails or even just a piece of string that you can hang things like mugs or even utensils from to give you more room to prepare meals. If you’re having the same space problem in the bathroom, then invest in some furniture that will keep things off the floor. A mirror cabinet or even a tall cabinet next to your toilet can use much of the height wasted in a bathroom.

So whether it’s day beds or even something just a simple as creating your own stylish shelf boxes with some old shoe boxes and paper, there are a number of ways to make the most of your space.