How do you fit in photography time?

Destination weddings are known to be action-packed weekends without much down time. So, when working with a professional wedding photographer, how do you arrange the schedule so that you’ll get enough time in with the wedding photographer? Here are some tips for getting all the photos you need while still enjoying the party.

Pre-schedule sessions

Even when you’re working with a wedding photojournalist, you’ll need to schedule out some blocks of time in advance so that you have time for your different photography sessions.


Depending on the photographer you’re working with and the kind of coverage you’ve selected, you could be looking at doing an engagement session, a boudoir session, a bridal portrait session, a newlywed session, couple portraits, a trash-the-dress session or more, in addition to the wedding day’s photographic coverage. Most of these sessions will require at least an hour, if not two, and some require you to have hair and makeup done, in addition to wedding wear or other outfit selections. This can be time-consuming, but if you work with your photographer to schedule these in advance, they won’t get lost in the shuffle. Consider working early in the morning on some of these, or later at night. Being flexible is sometimes the key to fitting everything in.

Include events in coverage

Another way to really paint a picture of the entire event and give your photographer lots of opportunities to photograph you, your family and your guests is to negotiate event coverage outside the actual wedding. If you’re having a rehearsal dinner, morning-after brunch, guided tours or other wedding-weekend events, have your photographer come along. They’ll be able to get fun candid photos of you and your guests, and be able to document the entire event instead of only covering parts of it.

Stay an extra day

When things just get too crazy, consider adding on a day to the wedding festivities to make sure you can fit all the photography sessions in. Trash-the-dress and newlywed sessions are very fun things to do the day after the wedding, so consider postponing that honeymoon one more day until you’ve captured all the memories you can.

Working with a professional wedding photographer gives you an amazing opportunity to capture one of the happiest occasions of your life. Making sure to dedicate time to that photographer will make sure that they have time to do your event justice and to provide you with photographs that will bring happy memories for years to come.