Interior Design

How to give your bedroom the royal treatment

If any part of your home deserves the royal treatment, it has to be your bedroom. By taking inspiration from monarchs past and present, you can create a truly stunning space that epitomises style and luxury. There’s no place for understatement if you’re trying to replicate a royal boudoir. Some of the most interesting examples of these rooms come from the 17th and 18th centuries, when the state bedchamber served as the seat of power. In the Stuart and Hanoverian courts, these spaces became meeting points for monarchs and their ministers and courtiers – and at their heart was the impressive state bed. George II considered his bed so important that he had it dismantled and taken with him as he toured the country.

OK, so you might prioritise privacy a little more that these rulers, but you can still learn lessons from their sense of opulence and theatre when you’re designing your own bedroom. Here are some design suggestions to help you along the way.

It simply has to be a four-poster

For a truly royal look, a four-poster bed is a must-have. These impressive pieces of furniture have been a firm favourite among monarchs for centuries. Carrying on the tradition, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ordered one of these beds for their Kensington Palace apartment. There are lots of different designs to choose from now. To get an idea of the range of options out there, you can visit the websites of specialist suppliers like Perhaps you’ll opt for a traditional timber design or maybe a more modern metal creation would better suit your sense of style.

Whichever bed you go for, make sure you top it with a high-quality mattress. In a royal room, second best simply won’t do.

Layer up with lavish linens

Plenty of lavish linens are essential too. As well as soft, comforting sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers, consider purchasing a scattering of cushions to top your bed. This will add drama and personality to your room and help to give it more of a luxurious look and feel. A throw is another important finishing touch.

Accessorise with statement furnishings

There’s no place for furnishings that fade into the background in this space. Rather than opting for run-of-the-mill storage solutions, consider getting standout dressing tables with panelled mirrors and elegant finishes, as well as imposing wardrobes in rich timbers.

As the pièce de resistance, why not include a gloriously decadent chaise longue? These elongated seats instantly evoke a sense of indulgence and glamour, making them perfect for royal rooms.

Decorate with rich, indulgent colours

Then there’s your décor to consider. For the ultimate in extravagance, take your lead from the notorious French queen Marie Antoinette, who favoured light, pastel colours like pale greens, yellows and pinks. She loved touches of gold too. To complete your room in this style, install oversized vases, chandelier light fittings and canopies over your bed.

By the time you’ve finished your redesign, you’re guaranteed to be left with a bedroom fit for a royal.