Mesmerize The Party Floor In Deep Sea Creature Fancy Dress

A deep aqua green theme sets a spectacular, yet mesmerizing theme for a fancy dress party. Women in aqua dress can melt the ice with her hot sex appeal. The dancing women in costume dresses, like mermaids, fish, seaweed, shark, starfish, and coral reef will be the catch of many sailors, pirates and sea lovers.

Spellbound beauty of Mermaid

A Mermaid dress is one of the most popular fancy dress costumes amongst the girls, as they are easily available and easily suits all ages. Mermaid fancy dresses looks spectacular, vivacious and beautiful. A woman looks divine in skin-hugging costumes that is full of life. The beauty of Mermaid character is the “Half women and half fish” character, which reflects both feminism and the attraction of a fish. The most electrifying colors in the Mermaid fancy dress include electric blue, orange, sea green, jade, pink and fuchsia and teal.

The fabric chosen for the Mermaid fancy dress needs to be stretchable and comfortable. These can be paired with seashell necklaces, earrings, bracelet, arm piece, and hair clips. The body make-up needs to be transparent, in tones of earthy pinks with a sheer or glitter for the entire exposed areas. Mermaids hairs looks fabulous as loose waves with a princess crown hair band or side clips.

All time favorite Fishy fancy dress

Fishy costumes are all time favorite for any girl or woman. These scaly costumes need a touch of face-paint and fins. There is no prizes for guessing, as this sea creature dress is simple but looks spectacular. The attraction of fishy fancy dress is that a woman can choose amongst any pretty and attractive color ensemble. Gold, black, orange, turquoise, and green are the hot selling fishy dress amongst women. Sea shell jewelry, fish mask on the head and optional tails are the accessories to go along with fishy costumes.

Reach the bottom of the sea floor in Seaweed fancy dress

Sea creature costumes are available in unlimited varieties. The seaweed fancy dress looks elegant and vibrant for middle ages or young girls, who prefer comfort, sitting and enjoying the party atmosphere. Seaweed dresses are mostly striped or robust green with loads of layers or twigs branching around. These flowing costumes can create a creepy feel when touched to the neighboring party guests.

The diversity of Coral Reef fancy dress

Coral reef fancy dress can be another flamboyant option for a woman going to a creature fancy dress party. The coral reef polyps and colonial animal costumes are available in hard or soft branching. These dresses will be in earthen or grey colors with its inhabitants pictures embellished on them. It can be a splendid idea to pair up with any of friends or family members, who may be dressed as fish, sponges, jelly fish, lobsters and other habitants of coral reef. Stone jewelry with grey or urban make-up goes well with coral reef dress.

Swim along in Starfish, Lobsters or Sponge fancy dresses

These are uncommon, yet delicate fancy dresses for woman. Beautiful and delicate starfish in fuchsia pink, blue or green color looks equally elegant. The lobster dress looks gorgeous, in shades of orange and yellow. The sponge costume can be in any unanimous shape and color.

A woman can choose any of the sea creature costumes that appear appealing and vivacious. Ranging from beautiful Mermaid to the ocean floor inhabitants, the options are countless and equally spectacular. Carry the ocean floor to the party floor in a mesmerizing fancy dress.