Space-saving tips for small rooms

Let’s face it, property comes at a premium these days and, like lots of people, you might be distinctly short of square footage in your home. However, with the help of the following simple but effective space-saving tips, you can ensure your pad is both practical and pretty.

Be shrewd in your approach to storage

Your focus when you’re trying to make the best possible use of bijou spaces should always be storage. For example, make sure that the products you buy take full advantage of the vertical height on offer. One option is to invest in tall Shelving Systems that reach right up to your ceilings. By housing items in this way, you can free up more of your floor space, giving you extra room to manoeuvre. Bear in mind that it’s now simple to create and order bespoke shelving solutions online. This means you won’t struggle to purchase versions that perfectly match the dimensions of your rooms. Also, these custom-built products allow you to fill even the most awkward spaces, like the areas under sloping roofs.

Other savvy storage ideas include chests or ottomans that double up as coffee tables and hollow window seats fitted with lids.

Try to be flexible in terms of where you keep possessions around your home too. For example, if you have a particularly small kitchen, it might be wise to house your crockery and glassware in a dresser in your dining room or lounge rather than trying to cram it into your cooking area.

Ditch floor, table and desk lamps

Getting rid of any floor, table or desk lamps can save you precious space too. There are plenty of innovative illuminations available these days, so there’s no need to include these lamps in your interior design plans. By relying on wall and ceiling lights instead, you can free up more of your floor and surface space.

This might sound like a small tweak, but it can in fact make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your rooms.

Keep your decor clean and simple

Think carefully about the aesthetics of your home too. By following a few basic design principles, you can create the illusion of more space. For example, keeping your flooring the same from room to room will provide visual continuity and make spaces appear bigger. Also, it’s wise to stick to clean and simple decor. Neutral, light colours will help to open spaces up. In contrast, dark hues or bold patterns can give small rooms a cluttered, cramped look.

By following these straightforward design ideas, you should be able to create attractive, practical rooms no matter how little square footage you have to work with.