Why Focusing on The Female Demographic Makes Sense For App Developers

For a long time, for better or for worse (mainly worse), technology, video games and computers were primarily marketed towards men. Men supposedly spent more on expensive technological products, they enjoyed sitting inside playing shoot ’em ups and generally were seen to have a better grasp on the tenets of computing. Now obviously we know that such views were inherently sexist, and indeed new research seems to have concluded that we were wrong all along; women are a far better demographic to market technology products and services to than men.

Using data compiled by Apsalar, in which 500 million Android and iOS users’ worth of anonymous data was analyzed, it is staggeringly apparent that women need to be the focus of applications and mobile services. Women were more likely to use social media, news, productivity and lifestyle apps (compared to business, games, navigation and travel on the part of men) but were to seen to install 40 percent more apps, buy 17 percent more paid apps, and be willing to shell out a massive 87 percent more for those particular apps, than men!

So what does this mean for the smartphone and app industries? Well it’s rather obvious – produce more products aimed at women! Already we’re seeing women move into domains that were once traditionally occupied by men. Take gambling websites such as Fortune Palace. Here, women are gaming more than ever, not put off by the casino-like games that have long been the preserve of males. Here, the site has tried to encourage more newcomers to play on the different websites that they have by giving advice on the odds involved in betting, educating them and putting their minds at rest. For websites wanting to go unisex, but unsure how they will alleviate the fears of incoming female crowds, this could be a useful template.

Why are women taking up the digital standard then? The majority of the trend is likely to do with the massive spread of smartphones and tablets that has occurred in recent years. Once a niche, expensive device, the smartphone is now the mobile device of choice for many people, so it goes as no surprise that women have made up a very large part of sales. Also important is the general social shifts that have occurred recently. Things like video gaming, coding and technology in general are no longer considered to be geeky or nerdish, leading many to subscribe to their benefits.

Do you know any great app ideas that might appeal to female users? Let us know your thoughts below!